Sunday, August 26, 2007

New blog: one of the top two blogs out there

Hello internet, it's been a while. In the sense that I've contributed to it, that is. My guest-editing stint at IvyGate ended a couple of weeks ago and I haven't blogged anything since. IMEH has been going for 2 years now, if you can believe that, with an average post rate of 1 per month (guess), yet I had a lot of energy to post for IvyGate. Very fun time. I will still post here at the usual rate, maybe even more sometimes, but I wanted to introduce the newest blog that I haven't done anything for yet (no links, profile etc. set up; absolutely no posts). It will be called "Nothing is Equal to Anything" ( It will be Tim-free (as most good things are) and it has a theme: lists. This will include:

1. Personal top 10, top 24, top anything lists about pop culture and me. I mean pop culture in the broad sense, so it will include politics and former pop cultures.

2. Criticism of other lists. I mean some brutal shit. Watch out Rolling Stone!

3. A lot of stuff about Blur, Cormac McCarthy and Cohutta from the Real World: Sydney. You guys have got to check out this Cohutta if you haven't had the pleasure yet.

4. Penis/menstrual jokes. Mostly these.

I'll try and get a post up tomorrow morning and you can tell your friends/co-workers about it. Who doesn't love lists? I've never... no one has ever not liked lists.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moving to a legit blog y'hear

To my two or negative nine readers: I have a new home until August 11. I am co-guest-editing, a gossip blog about the Ivy League. Go ahead, call me snobby as I indifferently swirl my bowtie. But I urge you to check it out. It will be "objective" in the way all blogs are. In other words I'll dick around entirely, but I'll make sure my facts are correct. The two are not mutually exclusive.

BTW, Let's hear it for Eric Bedard. O's finally have a solid #1 for years to come... until he goes to the Yankees 3 minutes before the trade deadline in, I don't know, 2010.

Read that other blog I mentioned. Watch out for the big girl.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Listen to this man

This is the paranoia!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Some random non-new albums I've had on repeat lately

Just thought I'd share. These are albums I never really thought I loved, but I guess I do now. It's all about the long term.

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Belle & Sebastian - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in People
Hollertronix - Never Scared
Nas - Illmatic
Sunny Day Real Estate - How It Feels to Be Something On
Yo La Tengo - President YLY/New Wave Hot Dogs
Beach Boys - Surf's Up
Big Star - #1 Record/Radio City
Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
Grateful Dead - American Beauty

I guess the one to single out for (extremely brief) discussion is the BSS album. It's one of those '00s indie-rock hall of famers (read: Pitchfork-wanksters) like Funeral, The Meadowlands, Chutes Too Narrow, Kill the Moonlight, Illinois, Turn on the Bright Lights, Moon & Antarctica, Et Cetera and So Forth. Usually I fully agree (Interpol, Spoon) or fully disagree (Funeral, Illinois). You Forgot it in People is the only one of these albums to switch from the latter to the former. I still don't care for the seventeen year-old girl song or whatever, and I think the Arts&Crafts collective concept as a positive force on music holds about as much water as my bladder on diuretics. I guess I just like their live show and their range. I like the jams. I don't know. Harry Potter comes out tomorrow!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm gonna need you to trust me on this: some thoughts on 24

I've spent the majority of my free time this summer watching every episode of 24. All six seasons. I'd never seen a minute of the show before. I didn't feel like I was missing much, except a time-wasting addiction of which I already have like 9. But what else is being unemployed good for other than DVD binges, and what's better for binges than hollowness and manipulative plot twists, and what's better for indifference than Kiefer Sutherland as an anti-hero?

24 was everything I expected. Some season by season thoughts:

Season 1: I watched this after the other ones because they were missing a disk at blockbuster so I went straight to season 2. I bought this on iTunes at the end. I like how the cell phones look very 2001 in this. I also think 9/11 was really good for this show because it's all about the counter-terrorist unit, a concept they must have decided on before 9/11. It makes watching Jack Bauer torture terrorists really fun. This was before Abu Ghraib and shit so we didnt have to question torture in ticking-bomb scenarios as the ultimate moral quandary, which is still isn't.

Awesome person of the season: Jack Bauer (his only one!)
Hottie of the season: Mandy

Season 2: Kind of an isolated season as far as the rest of the series goes, just like Harry Potter 2. Caleb Nichol is the vice president and he's a d-bag, just like he was in the OC and Lost ("This sip is worth more than your life"). Still very addicting, despite the incredible lack of depth.

APOTS: David Palmer
HOTS: Kim Bauer

Season 3: One of the two best seasons. Jack's heroin addiction adds a whole new layer to his ethos, finally an anti-hero. Tony's situation with Michelle was also really intense, I mean you're cursing at the screen but who can really blame him. Chapelle admitting he doesn't have any friends outside of work before he is executed makes him an incredible guy when he's a dick at all other times. And the end of the season with Jack crying at the wheel is perfect.

HOTS: Michelle Dessler

Season 4: Most notable for Marwan, the most able villain the show has seen. Also Edgar Stiles is a nice, albeit brief, addition to the show as is Curtis Manning, James Heller and, of course, Bill fucking Buchanan. Sets the stage well for season 5 also with Jack's disappearance.

APOTS: Tony Almeida
HOTS: yet again, Mandy

Season 5: The crown jewel by all popular standards; my favorite along with season 3. The escalation with Logan was fantastic, and Edgar's death was a legitimately moving part. Bill Buchanan is a great guy, also, as are Curtis and Chloe.

APOTS: Bill Buchanan
HOTS: Collette

Season 6: Everyone hates this season with such a burning passion but I didn't think it was all that bad. Some of the plot devices were recycled but who gives a shit, it entertained.

APOTS: Karen Hayes/Tom Lennox
HOTS: Nadia

Other things:
Jack's best match: Marwan
Most evil villain: Graeme/Philip Bauer
Biggest pussy: President Logan
Understated hero: Aaron Pierce
Best side characters: Tony Almeida, David Palmer
Scariest person: Vladimir Bierko, Sherry Palmer, Noah Daniels

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Are Americans really like Marissa on the O.C.?

My vacation to Istanbul and Greece isn't quite over, so things could still happen, but the best part so far was seeing a kid throw his sandal repeatedly at cats. This was on the third and largest of the Princess Islands, an archipelago of sorts outside Istanbul (but not its air pollution). The nearest analogue for the US is, I don't know, Jones Beach but with more horses. A million horses. The only transportation is horse-drawn carriages and bikes and walking. Stephen Morse, who I regret to say ditched me at my luxury hotel in Crete for his flight back not 45 minutes ago, and I opted for bikes. It was an all-day rental and we planned to use that. After 10 minutes we stopped for water and were walking up hills in the hot sun dragging the vehicles with us. My shirt was entirely sweated through (although that's not rare--I sweat like a minx when it's more than 55 out). We biked around the entire island and then some, like 25 km, sunburnt as shit, I lost my camera along the way down a ravine or something, maybe a horse or a kid ate it who knows. My ass was brown because I sat in the dirt; Morse assumed I had shat myself and maybe I did. After this exertion we found a cafeteria with cheap delicious dishes, the finest bottled water in all of Asia Minor, I had a coke also. As we're reviving our bodies for a third or fourth wind, with this turbulent mixture of fortune and exercise we called a morning behind us, I see the kid of like five chucking his sandals at two stray cats. He hits them squarely on the head a couple of times and the cats flinch and hiss but relocate only two feet into the shade and the kid wails again and again and everyone's watching. So I'm watching a kid hitting two stray cats (which are everywhere) who barely give a shit and the mother is indifferent and sitting in a dirty sidewalk and we're eating fish and potatoes with sauce on a smoky island in the Bosphorus, the separator of two continents, and I've exercised extensively. This is when I discovered that I was traveling and that traveling could be a fun thing and what a notion.

I'll write more about cats and travel soon. I planned on writing more in this post but am stopping. I'm at a luxury hotel in Heraklion, Crete, a very dirty city, and I'm drinking gin like a sultan. More tk.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I once bought a Penny jersey